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Expressive Arts Healing

The Process is much more important than the product. You don't need to be skilled in painting, drawing, dancing, singing, and writing poetry in order to access personal, meaningful insights and imagery.

Talking is fine but it is not the only way or even the best way to access thoughts and feelings. Imagery can be a powerful tool for internal insights, external issues and self-integration.

Learn ways of exposing and expressing belief systems that have been affecting you.

Use expressive arts ~ collage, painting drawing, mandala, dream work, movement, breath-work, sound, writing, drum-work to gather the wisdom of your whole-self. You can use all of the modalities, or just a few of them.

Each session is private and created individually. In a relaxed, supportive atmosphere access your inner wisdom.

I will provide the space, opportunity and assistance to those who wish to utilize the healing properties of art in a very personal way; for exploration, healing and visioning.

As a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master I am very pleased to invite this beautiful energy into my practice. Drum Journeys can also be used.

Fee- $90. For an hour and a half session

Pat Murphy Carrasco BSN, MA, cMHt I am artist (of over 25 years experience), and hold a Master in Studio Art from N.Y.U., as well as, completed a Three week Intensive- Art Therapies Summer Institute (Prescott College 2005). I am a registered nurse (BSN from L.I.U). Two years experience with group dream-work in N.C., and a long history of work with my own dreams. I am certified in medical hypnosis and use of guided imagery.


" Natural Forces Within Us Are The True Healers Of Disease "

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