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Dr. Carrasco is a double board certified physician.He is a Graduate Fellow of Dr. Andrew Weil's Program of Integrative Medicine, Department of Family Practice, at the University of Arizona, Tucson. He has an extensive relationship with Mind-Body Medicine (certified medical Hypnotherapist and Medical Ultra Depth Practitioner), with natures’ pharmacy use of plants, food (nutrition) etc. (Botanical, herbals, supplements) for restorative support and maintenance.

Dr. Carrasco is experienced in the areas of Integrative Family Practice Medicine, General Pediatric Medicine. Trained in the technique of strain counterstrain corrective release of muscular trigger points, and Reiki compassionate support encouraging the body mind to heal itself. He is well versed in what other medicinal modalities may be appropriate ( Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Osteopathic manipulation, and other alternative therapies).

He is a member of the American Holistic Medical Association, and Holistic Pediatric Association. Dr Carrasco has taught medical students and residents at various institutions as a clinical professor., and in neurodevelopmental clinics.

He currently offers Integrative Medical Consultations for Adults, and infants, children, adolescents as well as Mind-Body consultations.

He is excited bring this vision of collaborative, patient-centered health care to Sedona. For further information, please inquire .



As I am an Integrative Medicine Physician, I see myself as a healer and mentor whose primary function is to educate, empower, and motivate patients to become full partners in their own healing, health maintenance, and wellbeing. For the sake of clarity the following material has been divided and compartmentalized, the reality of patient centered (not diseased centered care) will mean many healing modalities may be used.

These are some of the common medical issues we can work on, and help with through a Holistic approach; using safe alternative remedies or in an supportive modality:

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American Board of Pediatrics

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" Natural Forces Within Us Are The True Healers Of Disease "

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