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Integrative Child & Young Adult Consultations

Wellness-Care Education: Keeping Your Child Healthy

  • Preschool and School examinations
  • Well-newborn examinations
  • Nutrition/supplements for Infants and Children
  • Breastfeeding issues and When to introduce ‘solids’ to your infant
  • Safe home remedies for common conditions
  • Strengthening your childrens’ immune system
  • In Child development
  • “Staying in the Moment” Parenting: Calm Parent, Contented Child Program
  • Young Adult Health Issues
  • Yoga for Infants and Children (Groups are forming if interested email)
  • Combined Tai Chi Qi Qong basic instruction: part of Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Program
  • Mind-Body Issues [i.e.: emotional support, weight issues, goal setting] (MTGI, etc. ,see Mind-Body Consults page)

Holistic approaches to treatment using safe alternative remedies

Children with chronic illnesses such as:

  • Immune conditions [side effects of chronic medications,cancer, etc]
  • Neurologic challenges [sleep problems, ADD/ADHD, autism, behavorial issues]
  • Gastrointestinal /digestive issues [abdominal pain,colic,constipation, failure to thrive, feeding problems, obesity, reflux]

Integrative medicine calls for a time commitment on part of the family with a willingness and dedication to grow and learn. There are few if any quick fixes or magic solutions. Focus is on building relationships, challenging , and exploring conventional thought beliefs with the goal of achieving a greater state of health for the whole family.

Consultative Appointments

  • Education in Wellness and Prevention 1 & 2 hour initial consultation
  • Health Approaches to Treatment of Chronic Conditions ; 2 hour consultation may be divided into 2 one hour sessions. 1/2 hr. consultation available as introduction (to meet and discuss practical approaches & treatments

Each second we live is a new and unique moment of the universe, a moment that will never be again . And what do we teach our children? We teach them that two and two make four, and that Paris is the capital of France.

When will we also teach them what they are?
We should say to each of them: Do you know what you are? You are a marvel. You are unique. In all the years that have passed, there has never been another child like you. Your legs, your arms, your clever fingers, the way you move. You may become a Shakespeare, a Michelangelo, a Beethoven. You have the capacity for anything. Yes, you are a marvel. And when you grow up, can you then harm another who is, like you, a marvel? You must work, we must all work, to make the world worthy of its children." Pablo Casals (1876-1973)




" Natural Forces Within Us Are The True Healers Of Disease "

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