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The Journey Into Well Being

Dr. Carrasco is a double board certified physician with special interests in integrative medicine, prevention, children’s health, mind body medicine and health education. In addition, he practices a form of energy medicine known as Reiki.

Health Dimensions In The Journey Into WellBeing


Choose a lifestyle of healthy enjoyable eating, chemical and pesticide free, with nutrient dense unprocessed organic foods. Take in more high fiber, low glycemic load/indexed foods, Monounsaturated fats from plant sources, omega 3 fatty acids, colorful fresh antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables, grains and beans. Avoid refined flours and sugars, high fructose corn syrup. Increase your intake of plant-based protein. Use moderation and awareness. Drink plenty of water 6-10 cups per day for hydration, eliminating toxins and keeping your body in homeostasis [balance].

"To Wish To Be Well Is a Part Of Becoming Well "

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Breath deep more often, connect with the relaxation that ensues, shift your breathing state into full breath chest, stomach and let it out slowly.... observe the calmness that follows.

Breath is life do it purposefully.


Choose to be present in the moment [mindfulness] while you are walking, eating, talking, watching a sunset. Develop a daily routine of practices that foster a quiet mind as Tai Chi, Qi Qong, meditation, yoga or even prayer.  Quiet mind achieves peace and balance in health.


Integrate physical activity into your life. Immediate and long term health benefits follow exerting your muscles during moderate movement up to 30 minutes a day. Those benefits realized include endurance, strength, preservation of bone, vascular health, improved glycemic responses, improved blood pressure and allows for the experience of full relaxation.


Take the time for yourself, do something enjoyable, for fun, listening to music, listen to your self laughing, allowing yourself  creative outlets, the needed rest, relaxation, quiet time, or doing something for someone else just for the satisfaction of that.


Include and bring in to your environment what is beautiful to you. Make your home a safe haven, a place that nutures and inspires you.  Eliminate settings that drain you and toxins that may affect you.

Love & Relationships

Connection to others in understanding, in love and to your inner self opens avenues of gratitude, courage, acceptance, purposefulness.


Healing has a sacred dimension which opens further with awareness, compassion, and loving intent revealing a connectiveness,an infinite light within. Find the practices that brings you peace and deepens your life’s meaning.



" Natural Forces Within Us Are The True Healers Of Disease "

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