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  • Medical Therapeutic Guided Relaxation
  • Autogenic Training,
  • Mindfulness based approaches,
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy, Ultra Depth Process
  • Mind-Body (how the mind can lead the heart) Begin within

We all know what you say to yourself matters and impacts your experience of life. Patterns of thought (and emotional states) grow and either becomes constructive or destructive. Every thought has a physical response in the body. Mind-Body connections are like a lake fed by many tributaries and streams. Your experiences will provide evidence as to what your thought patterns constructed.

Mind-body medicine is the holistic practices that work with the mind-body interactions.

A Mind-Body Therapeutics Consultation can be scheduled to address for example the following issues:

Habit Disorders :

  • Eating issues
  • Smoking

Emotional Distress

  • Phobias, Anxiety, Panic
  • Self doubt, Self esteem
  • Stress, Worry
  • Preparing for Surgery


  • Chronic Headaches, Pain
  • Academic performance Concentration
  • Insomnia
  • Core conflicts Indecisiveness Procrastination
  • skin conditions
  • as eczema, etc.

A survey of some techniques used:

The Medical Therapeutic Guided Relaxation Program is one of the tools used in Mind-Body Medicine. Guided awareness allows you to focus intently on specific health concerns and their resolution while maintaing a safe and comfortable state of physical relaxation. It also helps you to be in better relationship with your body responses.

Autogenic training is an approach to the art of self ‘letting go’, that uses specific verbal key words to bring about the relaxation response, which you can use at any time and for specific concerns.

Clinical Hypnosis is a therapeutic modality in itself.The best explaination is it is a system of methods that enable mind and body to share information more effectively . Hypnosis is a state of mind .You enter, through personal choice, into focused attention, inner absorption and heighten concentration. With your permission, the clinician is a guide whose direction or therapeutic suggestions is received and shared by your body and mind. The integration of these suggestions is dependent upon your motivation, expectations, and trust of the therapeutic alliance. This enables you to use your inner awareness to support your emotional healing, and lead to desired therapeutic changes, as well as support overall wellbeing.

Ultra Depth ® Process is a system which goes beyond traditional methods in the exploration of consciousness and awareness. Traditional methods often end at the state of somnambulism and relies upon suggestion for results. UD brings you into further depths (Esdaile,and Sichort States) and can be used for many physical, mental, emotional situations which may be challenging you.

Follow-up appointments focus on evaluating response and refining those techniques used, or pursuing other matters pertinent to you. The number of sessions depends upon the response, goals, and needs. Often noted is a shift between yourself and your medical care. Frequently a shift and enrichment occurs between your body and mind. Self-improvement is established.


The concept of energy has always been foreign to conventional physicians, but central to complementary physicians. Curious that conventional medicine doesn’t claim to deal in energy, but patients often visit their physician complaining of their lack of energy. In response, their doctors investigate such complaints using standard biochemical, blood and hormonal tests. For quite sometime in fact, doctors have been measuring the electromagnetic energy generated by the brain, heart, nerves and muscles as electro-cardiogram [EKG}, encephalogram [ECG}, myogram [EMG] and nerve conduction. They have been measuring the energy produced by the cardiovascular system as blood pressure waves and the intestinal system as colonic pressure waves. The largest producer of rhythmic energy the heart generates 50 times more electrical energy and 1000 times more electromagnetic energy than the brain. Furthermore, this electromagnetic energy is not confined within the body and can be measured several feet away from the body using ‘SQUID’-based magnetometers.

The fundamental character displayed by this major body energy source may very well in greater appreciation of it, establish a common bridge between conventional and complementary medicine as to their role in relationship to body energy. Adapted from Mind-Body pathways by Alan Watkins MD

Our goal would be to eliminate dis-ease from your body and strengthen your inner vitality. As you progress, you will better intune emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Part of your therapy may include a session with Reiki.


" Natural Forces Within Us Are The True Healers Of Disease "

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