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New Patient Information

New patients are asked to:

Wear light-weight comfortable clothing. Dress slacks or skirts, yoga or stretchy exercise garb, thin sweats, or tee shirts. AVOID blue jeans, denim, or corduroy. You can bring a change of clothes with you if needed. You will remained fully clothed during your visit.

Bring in your medical or CAM (Complementary- Alternative Medical) records from previous health care providers. They should include labs, consultant reports, and reports of any radiologic studies. Do not bring in actual x-rays only reports.

Bring all medications, vitamins and supplements

Please refrain from wearing perfume or cologne that day.

Complete the New Patient Forms found below. You can download, print, and fill out these essential forms or request them in advance to save time prior to arrival. All pages are contained in this one Adobe Acrobat PDF file pick either for adult or pediatric.

Scheduling information:

Patients are seen one-at-a-time, and on time.

New patient appointments are usually 1.5 to 2 hours long; time spent entirely with the doctor.

Follow-up visits may run 30 to 45 minutes.

Patients are scheduled into pre-established slots on a first come-first, first-serve basis. We do not overbook, so waiting time at the office is usually kept to a minimum. This also means that we cannot guarantee you an appointment on the exact day and time you wish to be seen, though all efforts will be made to accommodate urgent needs.

Owing to the length of free time that must be available for a first visit, new patients appointments are usually scheduled in advance. Please arrive about 15 minutes early for that first visit to complete the necessary forms (or better yet save time by downloading these at the link to the bottom and pre-fill, or request in advance the forms).

Office Hours vary by appointment.

For first contact Please first fill out the New Client interest Form .

Sorry , I do not respond to email inquiries at this time due to time constraints. Primary care is not offered and does not include hospital care or emergencies or 24/7 availability.


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