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There is no substitute for consultation in person. However If you are interested in learning more about an integrative approach to an illness or condition, but cannot travel to Sedona, I am now able to offer a one-half hour educational consult by telephone. During the consult, I will want to explore in detail your particular health concerns and offer an integrative approach to the situation. "If I were you this is how I would proceed "or what I might suggest to a family member. This may include discussing what possible diagnostic test may be relevant and various treatment options from an integrative point of view, and also advise who might be the best type of local health provider to consider. I must emphasize, though, that during this consultation I cannot legally or ethically offer any specific medical advice to you or for your child. I can address your concerns, provide insight, accurate, authoritative and supportive information to subject matter covered, for better informed discussions with your provider or for better decision making.This does not subsitute for being in a therapuetic relationship with your physician.

The fee for this service is $250. A half hour would be $175.

For Mind-Body covering 1/2 hr. + a CD created for you $200

1/2 hr + CD & 2 (20 min.) Follow-ups $350. $200 paid initially the rest during subsequent follow-up.

It is not generally covered by insurance, but you are welcome to submit my receipt to your insurance company.

I will also offer wellness consults for the same fee, which will provide education about an integrative approach to your problem, well-baby and child care. This would include nutrition, the prevention and management of food and environmental allergies, the use of herbal products and other alternative therapies, as well as a variety of other topics if relevant to you or your child.



  • Mind-Body Skills Group

  • For Teens and Parents
  • For Emergency technicians, Policemen, Paramedics

  • For Health workers, Healers, Corporate health

Empowering skills taught in small group sessions may include :

  • Autogenic training( self-hypnosis)
  • Biofeedback,
  • Breath Work Guided imagery,
  • Drawings (Express arts therapy),

  • Ity Bity Yoga [

    Meditation (not what you think)

  • Exercise and Nutrition

    Positive Parenting

    Self awareness,

  • Stress management,

  • “What to say when the worse is over..” Addressing victims of accidents and those needing stabilization .


" Natural Forces Within Us Are The True Healers Of Disease "

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