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Good treatment is about facilitating healing. It attempts to identify obstacles to healing and remove them. In addressing lifestyle issues I will address the aspects of mind, body, spirit and can guide you toward a more normal healthy balanced or holistic lifestyle.

1.Nutritional Counseling for health and Fitness

The old maxim ‘You are what you eat’ has a lot of truth behind it. Nutritional counseling is designed to integrate positive nutritional changes into one’s life. After review of your concerns, and eating style, I can guide you into a finer relationship with best healthy nutrient intake. Medical Nutritional Therapy.

2.Dietary Supplements

Counseling of proper supplement and dosage use.(See also Botanical herbal supplements.)

3. Healthy body, Healthy Mind ; Exercise, fitness, toning:

One‘s energy level or vitality can be improved by strengthening, and toning and use of other mind-body techniques, body work techniques ( eg yoga, somatics, strain counterstrain), promoting flexibility, mobility and cardiovascular endurance which support and encourage wellness. It can help alleviate stress, increase intellectual awareness and keep you more alert throughout the days activities. Prescriptions to support individualized exercise, active balance and create a healthy metabolism.

4.Stress Management: [like a musical instruments’ strings.. not too tight, not too loose produce the beautiful tone]

The environment of homeostasis (a balanced internal environment) becomes imbalanced with the introduction of stress. The nervous system and endocrine (hormone producing) system in relation to stress promote a return to balance, in order to keep the body functioning at a healthy level. When out of balance, Stress becomes corrosive favoring the sympathetic half (anxiety or fight side and cortisol release). It causes physiologic changes (e.g. hypertension), as well as mental alterations and affects the body's ability to heal (Stress also wears down the immune system). I can assist you in finding your stressors and using releasing techniques.

5.Symptom Reduction Program:

Specific tools are given for improving symptoms and coping with chronic illness. Most of the time we are addressing symptoms while healing the underlying dis-ease. Often, symptom reduction in itself is of great benefit. Worrying is not the same as attending to what needs to be attended to. Denial and stuffing is not the same as releasing.

6. Peri-Menopause:

Negative factors need not dominate a womens’ evolution through menopause. Natural medicine offers a variety of well documented health promoting therapies to support a graceful transition.

7. Calm Parent , Contented Child Program:

An eight week program covering topics as “letting go” (deep relaxation), positive thinking, exercises, healthy relationships. With Baby some yoga and baby massage. Easily learned and practiced skills for stress management and joyful parenting. Positive behavorial strategies are also targeted for raising a contented calm child.

8. Live Well Longer

Living longer is associated with how and what you eat, drink, sleep, play, work at, and think. Thus it is a program instructing you on how to have a conscious intake of

    • Healthy thoughts,
    • Healthy action,
    • Healthy food,
    • Clean water
    • Healthy relationships with self, family, friends, and environment

    Improvements begin with awareness and positive change at any point.



  • Mind-Body Skills Group
  • For Teens and Parents
  • For Emergency technicians, Policemen, Paramedics
  • For Health workers, Healers, Corporate health

Empowering skills taught in small group sessions may include :

  • Autogenic training( self-hypnosis)
  • Biofeedback,
  • Breath Work Guided imagery,
  • Drawings (Express arts therapy),
  • Meditation (not what you think)
  • Movement, Exercise and Nutrition
  • Positive Parenting
  • Self awareness,
  • Stress management,

“What to say when the worse is over..” Addressing victims of accidents and those needing stabilization .



" Natural Forces Within Us Are The True Healers Of Disease "

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