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Noel John M. Carrasco, M.D., FAAP

Pat Murphy Carrasco, BSN, MFA, CMHT

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How Can You Benefit?

If you would like to use complementary and alternative medicine in your medical care, Dr. Carrasco will design and oversee your personal integrative treatment programs.

He will work with you if you want a wellness plan in order to live a healthier lifestyle for disease prevention and life enhancement.

Reasons to see an Integrative Medicine Practitioner

  1. To be treated as a whole person
  2. Prefer to use natural substances or other health modalities, not to only depend on drugs, or to address their side effects
  3. Want to support the innate healing capabilities of your body and address the underlying cause of the symptoms
  4. Want the significant health information given to be the best for you
  5. For expert guidance to make informed decisions
  6. You want to actively participate in a healthy lifestyle or learn how to achieve wellbeing

"To Wish To Be Well Is a Part Of Becoming Well "


" Natural Forces Within Us Are The True Healers Of Disease "

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